Kitsch’N Bar – a nice bar in Strasbourg

We went at Kitsch’N Bar in a Wednesday night and in the bar was some kind of poem contest. So it was very nice, some people recited their own poems very good, others where very funny. It is a place full of people that want to be different, people that don’t wanna go with the pile.  

It’s adorable. All the decoration are not related with each other, it is an amalgam of colours and shapes that somehow fits perfectly in the atmosphere and the food is very good.

Outside there was a group of young people who were beat-boxing. It just gives you a good vibe of the city. 🙂

Kitsch’N Bar is between Centre Station and Petite France. You can find the address here, on there Facebook page.
I order Tortine – Tomate – Jambon cru – Mozzarella (long name in the menu) really tasty, that was only 4,50 Euro, kind of cheap :D, together with a wine glass –  Sylvaner (Sylvaner is vine that grows the most in Alsace region and Strasbourg in the Alsace region, just for you to know). The glass of wine was 2,50 euro and a little bit small. It is a very affordable place, I think the most expensive dish is between 9 – 12 Euro and drinks are around 2,50 – 4 Euro. 
The place was too crowded to take pictures. On their Facebook page I only found one recent picture, other are from 2009 and since then the place got even more colourful. And I also found a picture which I think is made in the time they clean the bar :)) I also liked a lot the bike hanging on the wall outside, I have the picture in my Instagram.
Andreea (Meli)



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