In love with Ostend, Belgium

I love the rocky shore from Italy and the Black Sea, but my favorite so far is the beach from Ostend, a North Sea coastline city in Belgium.

I did not visit the city, I just spend hours walking on the beach. The vibe in October and November is incredible. There are people swimming, fishing, waking the dog, reading books or just enjoying the sun, because „yes”, it was very sunny in autumn.

During my stay in Brussels, the best pictures I took here, in Ostend. I am so in love with this one, the people are so small, the landscape is so cool and then in the right is this quote „Enjoy the ride”. Is the perfect picture for me 😀

Ostend has a pretty story, having as main character the american singer Marvin Gaye, you may know him from this song or this one. It goes like this:

`Marvin Gaye arrived by boat in Ostend on a cold winter morning in 1981. The singer had fled the US, without a penny to his name and battling a cocaine addiction. His arrival marked the beginning of a fascinating tale about Ostend and Marvin Gaye and how they influenced each other.

The Ostend concert promoter Freddy Cousaert took Gaye under his wing, managing to keep him clean and getting him back on track. One and a half year later Gaye would make an amazing comeback with his LP „Midnight Love” and above all his single Sexual Healing, which he recorded in Belgium.

It is said that Marvin Gaye’s biggest hit was created in Ostend, more specifically in Residentie Jane where he lived at the time. The American David Ritz interviewed the singer for „Rolling Stone” magazine and suggested the idea of sexual healing. Marvin said that it sounded like a rather good song title. And the rest is history`

You can find out more about the city on there website.

Last thing, it is really easy to go from Brussels to Ostend. You will find trains every hour, it takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there and if you are under 26, you can get a Go Pass 1 ticket, so you will pay 12,40 € for a day ticket.

I also have more pics posted on my Instagram, you can find them here or under the hashtag #amgoestoostend.

 XO| Andreea



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