Visiting Brussels: you must eat belgian fries

While visiting Brussels you should eat at least one time Belgium fries. In the tourist guidebooks it is written that in Belgium you can find the best fries in the world.

I recommend you the fries from Maison Antoine, situated in Place Jourdan (Park Leopold zone). Maison Antoine’s one of the places most frequented by tourists, and sometimes you have to stand in line for fries, but it’s worth it. They’re delicious.

A small portion of Belgium fries is 2,60 euros and a large portion is 3 euros. For ketchup or mayonnaise you will have to pay 0,70 euros. A large fries portion is enough for two people, but it depends how hungry you are.

Belgian fries are fried in two stages until they are crispy and they get a golden yellow color.

Maison Antoine was founded in 1948 by Desmet family, and besides fries you can find other types of snacks.

Once you got your fires, you can eat them on the road, on a bench in the park or you can enjoy them together with a Belgian beer on one of the terraces/pubs that you will find in Place Jourdan. 

The price of a Belgian beer starts at 2 euros and it can go over 5 euros. For example, Tongerlo blond or brown beer, 0.33 ml, costs 3,80 euros. It is a beer with fruity notes and a slight taste of hops flowers.

Ps: The bus 59 or 60 is the one that will let you near the Place Jourdan.

Andreea (Meli)
Maison Antoine
 Place Jourdan
Place Jourdan



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