5 things to do in Vienna

It’s been like 2 years since my last blog post in English, but I want to do it again. I think it’s a great way to practice my writing skills, which are a little rusty at the moment.

So, I start by sharing with you 5 things you should do in Vienna:

  1. Find the narrowest street from the city center and enjoy a cappuccino in a cornetto from Fenster Cafe. Hint, the street name is: Griechengasse.

2. If you are more an ice cream type, then Veganista Ice Cream is the place for you. They have lavender ice cream <3. My friend, Teodora, was talking so much about it, she drove us crazy, so we went to try it and it was really, really good. I still have it on my mind.

3. Go crazy at Prater Fun Park. There are so many roller coasters, ghost trains, carousels, you need to spend an entire day there and maybe come back tomorrow again. #AdrenalineRush

4. Go for a walk and a drink near Danube. If you go in the Spring or Summer for sure you will find lots of beach bars like Strandbar Herrmann or Sand in the City.

5. Enjoy the old vibes at Hofburg Imperial Palace and get lost in the old town. If you don’t like walking, then you can take a horse-drawn carriage.

XO | Meli Andreea



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